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Reward Halving Schedule

# Account Balance (EVR) Host


Governor Hook Address
Heartbeat Hook Address
Registry Hook Address
Reputation Hook Address
EVR Issuer Xahau Address
Evernode Labs Xahau Address
Heartbeat Frequency
Registration Fee
Lease Acquire Window
Moment Base Timestamp
Transition Moment
Moment Size

Host score

To rank hosts by its specification we derived formula to calculate score.
This is second version of formula we use - it might not be best scoring representation, if you think this is wrong, misleading or unfair, please contact us. This formula version better adjusts CPU spread (CPU speed is more important).

    / Number of instances
  / 10000

Hardware Specification Index

Depending on calculated score we categorize hosts into "starred" categories described below. More stars equals better server specifications.

  • (enterprise)200 and more
  • (high end)100-199
  • (medium)50-99
  • (low end)20-49
  • (lite) 0-19

No affiliation

XRPLWin is not affiliated with or endorsed by Evernode. This dashboard is made for Community to list and help discover Evernode hosts.

Host data is loaded from decentralized registry of Hosts which are stored in Evernode Registry Hook. You can view raw data here.

Evernode may at any time change logic how it stores host data if that happens this dashboard might not show valid data, in that case contact us, and we will adjust our dashboard ASAP.

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